Mad Dinner Rush - What To Pick?

Dinner's served! Get ready to tuck in to this Food Feast until you're fit to burst! But what will you pick? With so many options, it can be a hassle to decide. Luckily here at the Spinz Buffet, you can pick from a huge range of dishes until you get exactly what you fancy. Offering the finest courses in a huge range of options all served up in a top-tier casino platter - we think you'll love it.

To get picking from this smörgåsbord of great games, we have a few recommendations. Start small, that makes sense - will you go for a light starter? Maybe not - the mains are where it gets really exciting here. This buffet has it all, whether you're after something to blow your socks off with a Double Chili serving, or you're trying to figure out the Ramen Puzzle of which topping to pick. These delectable delights are great if you know exactly what you want, but that's not all there is on offer! What else could there be to pick here at the Spinz buffet?

If those aren't your thing, you know you can always fall back on a reliable friend - with a crust, tasty sauce, cheese and toppings, you already know what time it is. It's Pizza Time! From a classic pepperoni to a vegetable feast, or perhaps a sometimes-controversial Hawaiian - there's no such thing as a bad pizza. Being classic finger food enjoyed by everyone, pizza is also the perfect meal to enjoy while you're tuning in to watch the stream at Spinz, or hanging out on the Discord server!

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After such a delightful meal, it's time to enjoy a sweet treat. Dessert is what we've all been waiting for - with so many mains to start off, we want to pick the best one. Cake and Ice Cream are the obvious first choices, with chocolate and mint and Rum Raisin and more... when it's warm outside, nothing is better. That being said, maybe we could go for good old Donuts? With glaze or icing, sprinkles or filling...there are so many options for people with every taste.

The proprietor may have a reputation as a Hell Chef, but it's clear that there's method to the madness here and he knows what he's doing! It's not just delightful meals that this Spinz buffet has to offer, either - check out the massive range of games we've got, to suit any play style and any taste.