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Cookie Policy

Essentially, cookies are bite-sized files designed to enhance your overall user experience, and can be downloaded to your own personal computer. On this page we'll outline what information cookies collect and explain how that information is used at Spinz.

For a more comprehensive overview, visit this Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies.

Our Cookies Usage

Spinz Casino uses cookies for a number of reasons. It is possible to disable cookies; however, doing so turns off their functionality along with any beneficial features aimed at improving your browsing experience.

We recommend you keep cookies enabled at all times as you may not be aware how they are of benefit to you at Spinz Casino, along with any other websites you use regularly.

Disabling Cookies

Disabling cookies is possible by configuring your internet browser settings. The Help section in your browser has more information on this. As mentioned, turning off cookies impacts on the functionality of all websites you visit, while disabling certain features, too - so it's best to keep them enabled.

Cookies We Use

  • Survey-related cookies

    On occasion you may receive questionnaires and surveys from Spinz which help us to improve our overall service offering while providing useful insight about our brand.

    Cookies attached to surveys can provide a record of who has already completed a survey. Furthermore, they're also able to deliver accurate results to you after a survey has closed.

  • Site preferences cookies

    Spinz gives you the option to set your own cookies on our website to help optimise your own user experience. We use these cookies to save your preferences so that this information is summoned quickly whenever you visit Spinz Casino and interact with a particular web page.

Third Party Cookies

There may be some instances where we use of cookies from trust third party websites. Find out more on these cookies and their purpose at Spinz Casino.

  • Cookies from Google Analytics, a world leading analysis and data solutions provider, are in use on our website. Google Analytics cookies can monitor information relating to your time spent on our website plus the pages you most commonly visit, with the goal of delivering enhanced web content.

    To find out more about Google Analytics cookies, check out the official Google Analytics page.

  • Since Spinz processes financial transactions, we make use of certain cookies to monitor site traffic and track the visitors who go on to make payments into their accounts. Subsequently, these cookies can assist us in strategic business planning to ensure our brand remains competitive from a cost perspective.

  • Spinz has partnered up with several affiliates who place tracking cookies on our sites to follow referred players' journeys. This better positions us to pay affiliates their commission due each month, while also allowing our partners to award any bonuses once you've made a purchase on our site.

Get in touch at [email protected] if you'd like more information about the cookies we use.