High RTP Slots to Explore

There are many different reasons to enjoy the leisure activity of online casino slots, including fascinating game features and mechanics, astounding graphics and sound and engaging themes. The chance that you may even win rewards is also an attractive proposition. The Return-To-Player or RTP value is the payout percentage, or the amount that will potentially be paid back to players over an amount of time; here are some of the best games to be found that come with the greatest RTP rates available at Spinz, with one even reaching a whopping 99%!

A quick introduction to RTP rates

The Return-to-Player (RTP) of an online slots game is the average percentage returned to a player by a game. These RTPs differ depending on the game, since each game uses different mechanics to form the gameplay.

If a game has an RTP of 96%, this means that the game will return to the players, on average, €96 for every €100 wagered on that game. Video slots generally range from 95-97%. It's important to note that the RTP is just an average and does not necessarily mean that each player will receive a 95-97% return on their wagering.

For example, Customer A may win €192 on €100 in wagers while Customer B may lose their €100 wager. Total Wins by customers A and B are therefore €192 and wagering €200, thus the average RTP is in this case 96% (192/200=0,96). The 95-97% figure is an average of returns among all players. Take a look at these awesome titles:

1. Blood Suckers II

Blood Suckers II comes with a deliciously fiendish RTP value of 96.94%, not the highest around, but still absolutely dripping with potential. There are bonus rounds that have you choosing the best coffin to reveal a reward (or several, if you're lucky), so it's creepy but fun.

2. Fruit Warp

When juicy fruit symbols seem to be hurled towards you from the green void, you know you're in for a good time. This inspired game includes some of the lesser-used fruit symbols, like the valuable 3D dragon fruit and the humble banana. You can scoop Free Spins, although there aren't reels to speak of in the traditional sense, but there's a healthy RTP of 97% in Fruit Warp to enjoy if you can land winning winning combinations, just like the doctor ordered.

3. Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special

Every season should be the season for giving, right? You don't need to have your tinsel and baubles out to enjoy a round of the Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special, especially since this fabled game comes with a 97.34% Return To Player value. It's snowy, it's chilly and you could get the chance to blow the house down in this popular edition of a legendary slots title.

Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special

4. 1429 Uncharted Seas

If you're looking for a monstrous RTP along with some fantastic gameplay and superb graphics, then 1429 Uncharted Seas could be the game for you. Generously endowed with an RTP of 98.6%, it's worth heading into unknown oceans to frolic among the magnificent sea monsters on the reels. The Free Spins bonus round seems to appear relatively frequently, too, so this one has lots of action and entertainment.

5. Marching Legions

This is one of those online slots games that takes a little figuring out to see what's happening among the reels, but once you get the hang of it, it's good fun. There's a theoretical Return-To-Player value of 98.12%, so that helps to pump up the interest levels. Marching Legions comes with an epic bonus buy option, too, so you can use your bankroll to jump straight into the bonus round action, which can potentially also see your winnings hit some great peaks.

6. Book of 99

We've saved the best for last! Relax Gaming has produced a winner with their Book of 99 title, a game that comes with an incredible RTP of 99% and plenty of fun. The other 99 in the title refers to the book meter on the left hand side of the reels: collect 99 books during the base game to fill up the meter and access 10 Free Spins. This is the highest RTP we've seen in an online slot, so it's worth taking a look at the action, which is based on ancient myths and legends.

How to find the RTP of a game

When you open an online slots game you will probably see an information ( i ) symbol or a ? symbol on the page. When you click on these symbols they usually reveal information about the game, including the RTP, although you may have to scan a couple of pages to get to it.

Bear in mind that all online slots use random number generators (RNGs) to produce results, providing fair gaming opportunities. They are games of chance and there's no skill to achieving wins in the games, it's all about luck. Remember to exercise Responsible Gaming practices at all times, too.