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Responsible Gaming

The issue of problem gambling is no joke.

We've put together a few useful tips to help you safeguard against problem gambling and to ensure your time at Spinz Casino remains, first and foremost, fun and entertaining.

  • Don't gamble more than you can afford to lose: Avoid prioritising gambling money over living expenses like rent, food, and bills. When planning your weekly/monthly/yearly budgets, allocate a sensible portion of your funds to gambling - one you're comfortable with losing - and no more. If you've used up all your allocated funds within a set period of time, take a step back from gambling and wait until your next gambling kitty becomes available. Should your gambling behaviour start to adversely affect your financial position and your ability to pay life essentials, that's a tell-tale sign of problem gambling.
  • Never chase losses: Another ominous warning sign, chasing losses is one of the riskiest behaviours you can pursue. Bad losing streaks are part and parcel of gambling and you should always try to keep that fact at the forefront of your mind. Consider money lost as lost forever. Don't compound your position by attempting to recoup your losses and ultimately digging an even deeper hole for yourself. You are likely to end up far worse off in the long run.
  • Alcohol, drugs and gambling don't go together: Alcohol and drugs have an infamous tendency to reduce inhibitions in people when they gamble, leading to potentially reckless and destructive behaviour. In short, the three don't mix. You may start betting more frequently, at much higher stakes than usual, while finding yourself becoming frustrated far easier under the influence of both controlled and uncontrolled substances.
  • Consider a timeout: If you or those around you feel your gambling behaviour is beginning to derail and impact upon your personal, family, or professional life, consider cooling off by taking a timeout to address the situation and get your life back on track.
  • Confide in close ones: Your closest friends and loved ones are those that point out your problems to help you remedy the situation before it's too late. Be truthful and confide in those people. Listen to what they say and try to take their suggestions on board.

Spinz Limits

To help you remain in control of your gambling behaviour, Spinz offers various limits configured via the 'My Account' area of your account.

You can chose to activate Net Loss Limits, Wager Limits, Time Limits, Timeouts, Deposit Limits, and Permanent Self-Exclusions at any time.

Head to the Responsible Gaming page at Spinz to find out how to manage these limits.

Additional Resources

The following websites are helpful for anyone seeking additional professional resources around problem gambling:

This quiz at Gamblers Anonymous could also help determine if you are suffering from problem gambling.